Our vision-Our purpose-Our dream

United Nation declared 2019, the YEAR of Indigenous Languages!

Boozhoo! Aaniin! Tawnshi! Tansi! Han!

Why is our name MakadeMigizi or Blackeagle? Our ancestral name was Blackeagle prior to European contact and to be true to our ancestors, we wanted to use our original name for our business. We are proud to be bringing our ancestral name back to life with our business and we are proud to be offering Indigenous languages on our clothing and other products.

We support Canadian businesses 100%. All of our products are designed by businesses in Treaty 1 and Treaty 3, and some of our products are made in Montreal, Quebec.

My name is Kim Blackburde Moore and my daughter, Tehya L’Wren and I, own and operate our business…MakadeMigizi Clothing & Apparel or Blackeagle Clothing & Apparel.  We were inspired to create clothing and other products during a discussion that we had one day in November, 2018.  We recognize that Indigenous languages are being lost and people are being encouraged to speak the languages daily.  We wanted to inspire people who are learning Indigenous languages, or people who wish to show respect for languages,  to wear it on products such as clothing.  This inspired us to print our first product which is the maamaa makwa (mama bear) hoodie, ooosan makwa (father bear) hoodie and makoonz (baby bear) hoodie.

We chose to print our first products in Ojibway since our home community is Rainy River First Nation in Treaty 3.  

Our business is Indigenous owned and operated and although we are from Treaty 3, we currently live in Treaty 1.  We would LOVE to celebrate all seven of Manitoba’s Indigenous languages eventually.  Currently, our products are available in Michif French, Michif Cree, Ojibway and Dakota.  Our family roots are Metis, Ojibway, Dakota and European.  We are proud of our roots and we are always striving to offer unique products that will allow you to celebrate Indigenous languages. Indigenous or non-Indigenous, you will LOVE our hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, baby onesies and other products.

Our dream is to eventually use profits earned to offer Indigenous language immersion camps, after-school Indigenous language programs or daily Indigenous language programs for children and adults in various Indigenous languages, in my Treaty 3 community of Rainy River First Nation and/or to offer these same programs in the Selkirk region where we live.

Do you see something that you LOVE but it does not have your traditional language?  Send me an e-mail to custom order.