It’s up to you tote bag


It’s up to you–Giin ni go!! Grab this large tote (suitable for a laptop and textbooks or gear for the gym) as a reminder to where you are going…personal motivation at it’s finest!! ADD— GRAD 2020 for no extra cost!!!



“Giin ni go” is a phrase in Ojibway that means “It’s up to you”… this is a phrase that refers to the transition from being a child or teen to becoming an adult. It’s up to you– giin ni go…It’s up to you to take what we’ve taught you and for you to make connections and continue growing. This tote is suitable for any occasion and many situations…graduation, College or University, personal and emotional growth, as a medicine bag, and any other situation where “it’s up to you.” We chose this retro design with an Indigenous man pointing because we thought that it was suitable for the phrase. This was hand drawn by Kim Blackburde Moore and refined by Melissa Muir of Lagaz Designs. Grab a tote for a great price and take it with you as a reminder of our connection to the Earth our Mother, and it’s blessings– is up to you. **Other colors will be available when my distributor is open again!! Dark grey with black print, sage green with black print and hot pink with black print will be additional options…**