Pow~Wow Is My Favourite Season Zip-Up


“Pow~Wow is my favourite season” zip-up hoodies are perfect for everyone who loves going to Pow~Wow’s. These hoodies are super cozy and will be great for those cool nights all summer long and into this fall. 3XL and up can be pre-ordered but cannot be carried in stock at this time due to limited space. (The price does not change- $80 each) Artwork by Metis artist Rylee Cizik.

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Our newest hoodie in zip-up style….what a lot of people have been asking for and we were finally able to offer these. These truly are the best hoodies in the world espicially if you are a big Pow~Wow family person and attend them all year long. The dancers facing to the back are on the back of your hoodie and the design from each dancer’s regalia is featured on the front. Pretty cho…. Artwork by Metis artist Rylee Cizik- who captured the Pow~Wow family 100%. 3XL and up will need to be pre-ordered at this time due to limited space in our storage. Miigwech…